Zombie Prevention Strategy for Service Providers

By | October 17, 2006

With billions of spam, virus and phishing messages being sent daily from hijacked PCs, messaging security company Cloudmark has launched an extensive effort to help service providers detect, remediate and prevent attacks from computer zombies.

With an average of 100 billion emails sent daily and 92% estimated to be some form of spam, Cloudmark´s data shows that over 90% of spam and phishing messages now originate from hijacked computers.

“Zombie activities continue to escalate as spammers look for new ways to dodge IP address-based blacklists and other sender-based detection systems,” says Vipul Ved Prakash, Cloudmark founder and Chief Scientist. “The issue is gaining in complexity as many zombies now work in ´trickle mode,´ sending only a few messages per hour, making the activities even harder to discover. The reputations of both ISPs and their subscribers are compromised as spam is traced back to the provider´s network, and often results in temporary blacklisting of service provider networks.”

With its Authority solution deployed on outbound mail servers, Cloudmark is able to identify zombies sending spam through the service provider´s mail infrastructure. Analytics gathered from Cloudmark Authority deployed locally within a service provider´s network, combined with sender reputation data gathered from Cloudmark´s global service provider customer network, combine to effectively identify hijacked machines, tracking sender reputations by IP address. This extensive intelligence helps pinpoint specific PCs being hijacked and enables providers´ to notify and direct customers to remediation services.

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