Zi Unveils New Predictive Text Solution for Mobile Email Users

By | February 13, 2006

Zi Corporation (Nasdaq: ZICA) (TSX: ZIC), a leading provider of intelligent interface solutions, today announced at the 3GSM World Congress the release of eZiType™, a comprehensive predictive text entry product for mobile email users. Ideal for keyboard-based mobile devices such as smartphones, PDAs and gaming consoles, eZiType improves the mobile email user’s text entry experience by enhancing typing speed and spelling accuracy. Zi Corporation will be demonstrating the new eZiType at stand E40 in Hall 2 at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, February 13 to 16, 2006.

The mobile email market is expected to reach more than 123 million users by 2009, growing at an astounding 3075 percent over the next four years according to Gartner Research. This explosive growth also presents many challenges for mobile keyboard users.

eZiType is specifically designed to alleviate text input challenges on mobile email devices, such as slowed input, spelling errors due to double-key presses and bumpy on-the-go environments that make accurate typing difficult. eZiType features a unique auto-correction feature that automatically identifies misspelled words and offers corrected word suggestions for easy selection. In addition, eZiType offers Zi’s innovative predictive text technology, empowering users with full-world prediction capabilities.

“Intelligent interface solutions for mobile email devices present a great opportunity for Zi,” said Milos Djokovic, chief technical officer and chief operating officer of Zi Corporation. “By making the small form factor of these devices easier to use and more intuitive, Zi is helping mobile email users become more efficient, increasing usage rates among subscribers.”

“With the addition of eZiType to our comprehensive suite of multi-modal input products, Zi is improving the input experience for users across the globe to utilize text messaging, mobile emailing, and search and discovery on their mobile devices,” added Djokovic.

Zi’s multi-modal text input portfolio enables a consistent and familiar user interface among input modes. eZiType is designed to work harmoniously with Zi’s family of text input products, including Zi’s eZiText® one-touch keypad prediction, eZiTap™ multi-tap keypad prediction, and Decuma predictive handwriting for pen-input. Zi products are modular and have the flexibility to be compiled together to reduce overall memory consumption on devices for manufacturers.

Completely device agnostic, eZiType can be implemented on any configuration of keyboard, including virtual keyboards, hardware QWERTY keyboards, other language keyboards and even ‘rocker-style’ designs. In addition to its predictive text and auto-correction features, eZiType offers smart punctuation, phrase and next word prediction, multi-candidate display and dual language messaging. eZiType also learns usage patterns, enabling users to personalize their devices.

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