Your next wireless security problem

By | October 6, 2006

Recently, I´ve had the dry task of telling an increasing number of executives that their organizations´ wireless networks are relatively well protected — that during an assessment, it wasn´t possible to attach to, or make any serious dent in the availability of, the network without exceeding the bounds of a reasonable threat model. Does this mean all´s well in the wireless world? Not at all. We´re merely graduating to the next level of problems.

The current focus for wireless security is on the access point. More specifically, we´re concerned with the security of access points that belong to the organization and the presence of any access points (“rogues”) that don´t belong. Increasingly, vendors are making it easy to implement WPA2 or reasonable approximations thereof, which generally keeps access points and their wireless data a step or two ahead of all but the most diligent and determined of attackers.Read Full Story

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