WTware Lite is a freeware solution that turns aging desktops into robust Windows terminals

By | April 26, 2006

WTware Lite is a freeware solution that turns aging desktops into robust Windows terminals. While the terminals handle user input, all the heavy lifting is done on the server side. The program enables the use of resource-demanding software on the aging desktops, which lowers the total cost of ownership.

WTware today announces the release of WTware Lite v4.2.1, a freeware version of the potent manager for Windows terminals. The program enables the use of aging hardware for network extension. It turns desktops into secure and manageable terminals otherwise known as “thin clients”. WTware Lite v4.2.1 offers extensive boot options starting with network boot and to IDE and USB drives. It also supports a wide range of video and network cards and enables the use of hardware as old as 486 PC. WTware Lite allows budget-sensitive enterprises to enjoy the benefits of modern powerful software without investing into hardware upgrades.

Besides access to more powerful applications, WTware users get the advantages of centralized administration and tighter security associated with thin clients. Compared to a standard desktop client where configuring can take hours or even days, terminal configuration will take several minutes. Moreover, it can be done from a remote computer without physical presence. In addition, WTware gives IT staff wider control over the client side. In the absence of a hard drive the user won´t be able to copy sensitive information or bring malware into the corporate network. Higher security and easier administration make terminals a viable alternative to standard desktop clients.

“WTware Lite transforms hardware relics into useful equipment that can be profitable and serve public needs,” says Andrey Kovalev, CEO of WTware. “Often it is even a better solution than the use of more expensive hardware. You can use aging desktops in public places where they go through many people. Diskless desktops are more reliable because they don´t have mechanical parts. Since most of the computing is done by the terminal server, they don´t need powerful processors that overheat. Terminals are also ideal for the protection of sensitive information from copying. Finally, they facilitate the job of network maintaining and software deployment. It is only the server side that needs upgrading and maintaining.”

WTware Lite is an ideal budgetary solution for network extension. It prolongs the life of your hardware, lowers the TCO and the costs involved in IT management. So, why not give it a try on your aging hardware instead of getting rid of it?

WTware Lite v4.2.1 Features at a Glance

– Extensive boot options, including network boot, IDE CD-ROM, IDE hard drive, IDE DiskOnModule, USB flash;

– Support for aging hardware ( 486 PC and higher);

– Screen resolution up to 800×600, colour depth up to 24 bit, configurable refresh frequency;

– Driver support for all major video cards ( SVGAlib 1.4.3, SVGAlib 1.9.24, Linux 2.4.32 Framebuffer, and X.org 6.9.0 driver libraries);

– Support for all major network cards (ISA and PCI) produces for the last decade;

– Support for client-side LPT printers;

– Support for DIN and PS/2-keyboards, COM and PS/2-mouses.

Pricing and Availability

WTware Lite is compatible with Windows 2000 Sever/2003 Server/XP. WTware Lite is a freeware product that aims specifically at aging hardware. It is available for download at http://winterminal.com/files/wtware.lite.4.2.1.en.exe. WTware is also available as a PRO edition with the support for a higher screen resolution, USB devices and other rich features. For more information and detailed documentation, please refer to the product page http://winterminal.com/about.html.

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