WLANs Not Being Deployed Strategically

By | May 13, 2005

The results of a survey, conducted by Logicalis Network Solutions, on wireless networks deployment among UK businesses revealed that WLAN deployments to date are small and ‘pilot’ in nature, with little strategic thought given to user-experience and maintenance.

The survey indicated that over 80% of businesses were unable to gain an accurate perception of the benefits that can be derived from wireless networks. Further more, only 55% of those ‘pilot’ deployments have become permanent fixtures on the LAN networks of those organizations.

When asked for the lack of strategic planning, responders indicated the following: continuing security concerns, budgetary restrictions and a perceived lack of connectivity when comparing WLAN to the wired equivalent.

“When adopting a WLAN pilot, organizations must develop a long term plan for adopting the technology if the pilot proves to be successful. Deploying ´pilot´ solutions without proper thought will result in unnecessary cost, risk and poor user experience. It is imperative that businesses consider the strategic view, even when contemplating pilot deployments, “said Tim Wadey, Director, Consulting Services, Logicalis Network Solutions.

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