wireless valley announces strategic intent for wimax, zigbee and rfid suppor

By | November 30, 2004

AUSTIN, Texas–Nov. 30, 2004–Wireless Valley(R) Communications — a leading RF software company with widely used products for the efficient deployment, monitoring and ongoing operation of any wireless network — today announced its strategic intent to extend its spectrum of wireless support through the development of innovative products for emerging RF technologies such as WiMax, ZigBee and RFID.

With several emerging RF-based technologies expected to gain traction over the next several years, Wireless Valley intends to bring the same proven value of design and simulation, measurement and management to meet the future needs of their customers. West Technology Research Solutions predicts that ZigBee chip shipments will grow from 19 million in 2006 to 123 million in 2009 and, according to Yankee Group, RFID spending, including readers, tags and services, will reach US$4 billion by 2008.

“As the adoption of wireless technologies continues to grow for consumers and enterprises, the need to accurately design and efficiently manage various types of networks is becoming critical for IT managers and service providers,” said Jim Welch, CEO of Wireless Valley. “Wireless Valley is committed to providing our customers with the broadest level of support as new technologies emerge.”

Wireless Valley´s current products for cellular, PCS, 3G and WLAN enable users to easily design, deploy, document, monitor and control any wireless network. Wireless Valley Communications has pioneered and patented the concept of using building blue-prints and maps, radio frequency engineering, cost accounting and autonomous monitoring for rapid deployment, management and visualization of wireless networks with an easy-to-use, transportable software platform. The company´s software products are backed by a team of RF industry leaders focused on providing products that simplify all aspects of wireless networks.

Wireless Valley Communications

Wireless Valley Communications is a leading provider of innovative software for the efficient design, documentation, monitoring and control of wireless networks. Enterprises, universities, multi-tenant office buildings, carriers, and small businesses worldwide look to Wireless Valley´s software to easily plan, visualize, and manage any PCS, cellular, 3G, 802.11, WiMax, RFID and ZigBee wireless network. Wireless Valley has developed a rich intellectual property portfolio with more than 100 U.S. and international patents pending and issued. For more information visit http://www.wirelessvalley.com.

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