Wireless USB takes the next step for security

By | September 28, 2005

The USB Implementation Forum announced on Tuesday new specification that will help developers ensure secure connections of hosts and devices that are using Certified Wireless USB technology.

“Security is mandatory in Certified Wireless USB,” said Jeff Ravencraft, chairman and president of the USB-IF and Intel technology strategist. “We have taken advantage of numeric and cable association models for the Certified Wireless USB Association Models Specification — both options retain the ease-of-use consumers have come to expect from wired USB.”

First time usage of Wireless USB requires establishing a first-time connection with the host, a step called association. The user may choose between numeric and cable associate models. In the numeric model, as well as in many wireless devices, the user is required to verify the device’s number with the host. The cable model allows the user to associate the device by using a USB cable.

Association will be enforced through the USB-IF certification program, allowing secure association and easy-to-use to customers.

The would-be de-facto specification is in its final review and expected to be released from the UBS-IF in December 2005. First products are expected in early 2006.

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