Wireless LAN Security with Microsoft Windows

By | June 19, 2006

Although wireless LAN networks provide freedom of movement, they also require you to address security issues that are not as prevalent on a private cabling system for a wired LAN technology such as Ethernet. The main security issues are the authentication of wireless clients and the encryption and data integrity of wireless LAN frames.

This article discusses the security issues of IEEE 802.11 wireless networks and shows how Microsoft Windows operating systems can be used to make 802.11 wireless networks as secure as the current set of 802.11-related technologies allow.

Wireless networks broadcast their network data using radio signals. Unlike wired networking technologies such as Ethernet, it is difficult to control access to the wireless networking media. For example, with wired networks you must have physical access to a network jack. If you use wireless networks, you do not even need to be in the building; you can access the wireless network from across the street.Read Full Story

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