Winny Virus Wrecks Data Havoc In Japan

By | January 15, 2009

Top-secret military information, business documents of hundreds of corporate firms , personal and confidential data related to thousands of patients, complete information of Yahoo shopping mall, high profile information of Liberal Democratic Party and thousands more are all floating currently on the internet, creating an enormous flood of information leakage in Japan.

Security Analysts at MicroWorld Technologies inform that the last one week saw several such incidents together, takings the toll to newer heights. And the culprit? A worm called ‘Antinny’ that infects the file sharing software Winny, extremely popular in Japan.

‘Winny’ or ‘WinNY’ is a Japanese Peer to Peer (P2P) File Sharing Program that’s modeled on the architecture of ‘Freenet’ software. While Freenet was designed in Java, Winny was developed in C++. With its cheap cost, great effectiveness and highly user friendly nature Winny became an instant hit in Japan with millions using it enthusiastically.

Japan ’s workaholic populace is well known to take their work to home regularly. This software has been a great help for who were happy to blur their personal and professional lives. Today, this extensive usage of Winny without adequate protection has made every other classified information being dangerously compromised.

To contain the damage, the Japanese Military has ordered all their personnel to uninstall Winny last week. The Self Defense Force of Japan estimates that information drainage has been on, for a staggering two full years!

“Our Solution ‘eScan’ has been offering protection for ‘Antinny’ breed of worms since the year 2003. This incident just goes to show that unprotected and under protected information system are inviting doom with open arms. Continuous and effective protection at all levels of data access and usage is the only way for total information Integrity, be it corporate info or governmental secret,” says Sulabh Mahant, Security Analyst, MicroWorld Technologies.

The leading provider of cutting-edge Security Solutions, MicoWorld, has been consistently informing the world about the metamorphosis of online threats in the last two years. Highly secretive information and financial data have been major targets for most of the newer and more sophisticated breed of malwares.

“These incidents should no way make one despise the virtues and contributions of internet and file sharing systems. It’s just that, like any other technology, this one too is prone to attack and sabotage. If you have an advanced and futuristic protection safeguarding your system, life does go on smooth and safe in the world of Internet!” affirms Manoj Mansukhani, Head, Technology and Marketing, MicroWorld Technologies.

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