Windows Vista – Much to learn, much to like

By | June 6, 2006

Tired of spyware, malicious Internet worms, and worrying about whether your privacy will be compromised when online? The answer, according to Microsoft, is Vista, the next-generation operating system due out early next year. While there´s no doubt that improved security has moved to the top of the list of priorities for Vista developers – and there are enough security enhancements in Vista to warrant your attention – there´s more to Vista than feeling safe.

Beta 2 of Windows Vista was released recently to selected technology professionals and developers (, and the near-release version shows that there are surprises at every turn.

Microsoft wants to make your transition to Vista easy, and with good reason: there´s lots to learn. Put simply, Vista is the most radical reworking of the Windows operating system since the move from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95, and although as a user of Windows you´ll be able to get around easily enough, there´s lots that you´ll have to relearn as well. Just finding your favourite settings in the Control Panel, for instance, will be a challenge, for a lot has been reworked.Read Full Story

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