Windows Mobile security software insecure

By | August 16, 2006

Security outfit Airscanner has slammed Windows Mobile security software as insecure and buggy. In a paper posted, the report condemns Windows Mobile as lacking any decent security infrastructure.

For example Pocket PC has no Kerberos authentication, encrypting file system, or a built-in firewall. ´ Looking to third party software is not particularly useful either as Windows Mobile developers are not held up to the same scrutiny as those in the desktop arena. Some software touted as ´encrypted´ or ´secure´ is neither.

More than 20 different Windows Mobile programs including MS Money and Password Master 3.5 have been slammed in the report. The software was found to have issues including broken protection schemes to poor encryption algorithms. It describes the Window’s Mobile version as a poor cousin to XP which is comparatively open and bug free.Read Full Story

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