Windows Genuine Advantage worse than we all feared

By | September 26, 2006

Venerable Windows expert Ed Bott has been carefully documenting his misadventures with Windows Genuine Advantage for a few months now. As evidence mounted that the WGA system was not as bulletproof as Microsoft would like to have us believe, Ed decided to get statistical on their ass, so to speak.

After scouring Microsoft´s own help forums looking for people reporting problems with WGA, Ed found an extremely disturbing trend: a full 42% of the Windows installations that are flagged by WGA as not valid turned out to be perfectly legitimate. That´s a far cry from the “almost perfect” and “we know of no problems with WGA” drivel that Microsoft continues to spout. And consider that the numbers used here are only for Windows users that were actually willing and able to find Microsoft´s support forums and use them. I´d wager the real number is far worse.Read Full Story

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