WiFi VoIP Security

By | February 17, 2006

Just as vendors prepare the first generation of dualmode cellular and WiFi mobiles for launch later this year, the wireless security community is starting to turn up threats to 802.11 VOIP handsets in the field. The Wireless Vulnerabilities & Exploits site, a repository of — surprise! — wireless security threats, has posted a number of advisory notes about Hitachi Ltd.´s IP5000 unit and UTStarcom Inc.´s F1000 handset.

A number of different attacks are listed on the site, from denial-of-service attacks to remote login vulnerabilities.

For instance, independent security consultant Shawn Merdinger, who focuses on WiFi vulnerabilities, claims on the WV&E site that the UTStarcom phone is open to break-in from a hacker logging in remotely (a method known as rlogin). “Once an attacker has connected to the device through the rlogin service they have full access to the phone,” says Merdinger.Read Full Story

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