Why Web 2.0 will end your privacy

By | June 5, 2006

We all know the plushy, rounded, pastel-coloured faces of Web 2.0. MySpace. Digg. Flickr. The achingly trendy Silicon Valley startups that are selling for millions to big media conglomerates and making their founders into stars.

Tom Anderson. Kevin Rose. These are the pinups of the Web 2.0 generation – but little do they know the monster they´ve created. My firm belief is that the net effect of the Web 2.0 movement will be a marked loss of privacy on the internet, one which leads to big business knowing more about you than it ever did before. This is why.

Let´s start by examining what exactly we mean by Web 2.0. It´s a buzzword, a catchphrase – a candy-coated way of glossing over a core set of principles and technologies. Most people will take Web 2.0 to mean the rise of bloggers. The growth of social networking. The invention of tags and the contribution of end users to the final product.Read Full Story

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