When hackers try to con hackers

By | May 16, 2006

IRC is a micro-world of its own, filled with all kinds of characters—an ecosystem that can remind you of everything from a text-based version of Blade Runner to a cyber version of ham radio. It’s used for many good purposes, but the darker side of IRC is its common use by hackers. The indefatigable PaperGhost has spent countless hours on IRC, hunting down nasty malware that might not have been found otherwise.

It’s also used by malware itself, something for which Symantec gained some mild attention a while back — Norton Antivirus kicked you off an IRC session if you used the words “startkeylogger” or “stopkeylogger”. It was babyhood a bit, but I think most would see it has normal heuristics doing their job (in this case, better to have a false positive than to not catch it at all..).Read Full Story

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