Weekly roundup: Business and Technology 26.11.04 – 2.12.04

By | December 3, 2004

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Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music have signed on to a new service which will allow their music to be sold via file-swapping.

US researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are developing new smartphone software which watches users’ calling and usage patterns and tries to learn how best to “help”. Say hello to your next nanny.

Earlier this week, the UK government experienced the deadly costs of using Microsoft’s software: 80% of government PCs at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) crashed during a routine computer software upgrade.

“The Kazaa system is an engine of copyright piracy to a degree of magnitude never before seen,” said Lawyer Tony Bannon, who represents Australia’s five major recording companies, during the commencement of the trail against Kazaa.

Tired of soliciting commercial email (or spam for short)? Here’s an easy solution: turn on your screensaver! Lycos Europe kicked off its “make love not spam” campaign by offering users a screensaver that attacks spammers’ web-sites. Apparently the spammers did not like the idea and defaced the web site few hours after it went live.

Happy Thanksgiving SCO? Not really. SCO web site has been hacked over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, the second time in as many days.

D-Link System Inc. introduced an intelligent 802.11g access point with self-managing administration features. Who needs IT Managers?!

HP announced that they are working on software to “throttle” viruses which could ultimately slow the spread of viruses and worms.

A study, undertaken by Osterman Research in October 2004, reveals that 55 percents of CIOs and IT Managers would consider switching to Linux e-mail over the next two years. Long live the penguin!

The big blue (IBM), in a surprising move, has decided to extend its support for Sybase, a competing database product to its DB2 database package, to present a Linux server-software package.

Merriam-Webster editors have announced that “blog” was the most requested word to their website this year, earning it a place as the top word of the year.

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