Websense Enhances Desktop ecurity With Windows Firewall

By | April 26, 2006

Websense and Microsoft are working together to offer customers an innovative and powerful desktop security solution to be included in its current release of Websense Web Security Suite-Lockdown Edition and Websense Client Policy Manager (CPM) version 6.2. Through integration with Websense Web Security Suite-Lockdown Edition and CPM, Windows XP Desktop firewall customers will gain greater return on their investment with easy to deploy desktop application categorization from Websense.

Leveraging the expertise of the Websense desktop lockdown agent for controlling application access, Websense will provide application-based protection capabilities for the Windows XP Desktop firewall. The Windows XP Desktop firewall serves as a protective boundary that provides defence against hackers who may try to infiltrate an end-user’s machine. The desktop firewall monitors and restricts potentially dangerous communications between an end-user’s computer and the network or internet. Enhanced desktop management is accomplished by optimising the Microsoft XP Desktop firewall through the Websense application database and Websense Manager user interface.

To enable this new functionality, Websense will extend its control of application and web access by integrating with the Windows XP Firewall to create application aware policies that will manage a user’s access to a particular application or group of applications, the ability of that application to access the network or internet, and the ability to receive appropriate inbound internet and network connections for that application.

Websense is a founding member of the Microsoft Secure IT Alliance, an industry initiative designed to help improve security for businesses running Microsoft operating systems. Microsoft is a founding member of the Websense Web Security Ecosystem – a comprehensive ecosystem of world-class security and networking technology providers to enable easy deployment and integration of Websense solutions in enterprise environments.

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