Web-based Spyware Hits to Pass the Million a Year Mark

By | June 29, 2006

Finjan is advising enterprise CIO´s that web-based spyware is the number one threat to their businesses. Finjan´s Malicious Code Research Centre (MCRC) estimates – based on a number of security audits conducted at large organisations and businesses – that a single enterprise can expect on average over million instances a year of employees accessing Websites carrying spyware and other malicious content by 2007.

Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CTO at Finjan says: “Organisations must look beyond the firewalls, and further than anti-virus or URL filtering. These are invaluable technologies but they are no longer enough to combat today´s sophisticated threats. Your data must be protected from the theft and damage spyware code can enable. With spyware so prevalent, and so hard to identify until it has already downloaded itself onto computers or servers, it would be prudent to re-examine your spyware strategy.”

Spyware continues to attract a great deal of attention, but the threat should not be underestimated. It is not only designed to get around traditional technological defences, but also designed to take advantage of how employees use technology. An often invisible threat until too late, spyware code is deliberately designed to download itself unseen via a website page or email attachment.

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