VPN solution to secure Wireless VoIP Applications

By | May 2, 2005

New wireless VPN solution will provide a secure framework for wireless voice over IP applications. The new framework contains enhancements that provide secure access to users who have wVoIP capabilities as well as roaming between networks without dropping calls.

The WVPN (Wireless VPN) solution, developed by wireless software maker Columbitech, provides support for session persistence – key feature enables to maintain a session while being out of a wireless coverage. This feature guarantees users a stable connection to the wireless network despite disruption of network coverage.

Another key feature is the ability to roam between packet-switched networks, such as wireless networks or GRPS. The product uses built-in features of TCP protocol to adapt the changes and ensures roaming as smooth as possible.

“Data and voice convergence are very compelling from an application point of view, but very challenging from a security point of view,” said Asa Holmstrom, President of Columbitech.

“The same security threats that enterprises have been facing regarding data are now also a reality for voice. With the Columbitech Wireless VPN, enterprise users can protect both their voice and data applications and resources with a solution that is optimized for wireless networks.”

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