VolumeShield announces AntiCopy Version 2.5

By | November 14, 2006

VolumeShield has announced the latest release of AntiCopy Enterprise Edition. AntiCopy protects corporate workstation and laptop computers from data theft by blocking the unauthorized use of portable storage devices and removable media, such as USB memory sticks, External Hard Drives, PDA´s, iPods, and CD/DVD Burners.

AntiCopy Enterprise Edition v2.5 provides a simple and effective solution for managing and auditing access to portable storage devices across a corporate network. With an easy-to-use management console, AntiCopy Enterprise Edition enables central definition and administration of device usage policies and monitoring of device access activity.

Key features of the new AntiCopy release include:

  • Control of storage devices while ignoring devices like mice and keyboards
  • Granular Policy definition with the ability to vary users´ device privileges by computer group
  • Support for “whitelists” to grant access to individual devices while denying others of the same type
  • Wizard-based administration for easy set-up and configuration
  • Auditing of device connections — both successful and attempted — as well as file copy activity
  • Collection of audit data in a central repository where it is available for reporting and forensics

AntiCopy Enterprise Edition v2.5 will be generally available within 30 days. The product is priced at $19.95 per workstation.

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