Volantis Upgrades Mobile Content Framework

By | October 11, 2006

Volantis, the supplier of Intelligent Content Adaptation solutions for the Mobile Information Age, has announced the availability of Mobile Content Framework 4. Volantis’ new release significantly improves mobile Internet browsing through dynamic web applications, providing a unique and rich browsing experience.

Framework provides a full suite of solutions to enable the development, integration and deployment of mobile applications. Framework uniquely separates content, design, and device issues into abstract policies, providing a “create once, run anywhere” environment that reduces complexity, cost and time to market for both development and maintenance.

Framework 4.0 introduces support for AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)-enabled browsers. AJAX support enables the creation of highly efficient, interactive Web applications. The integrated offering supports the ability to deliver content to devices with basic browsers and those with support for AJAX.

In addition, Framework 4.0 enables the single authoring and publishing of content using XDIME – a superset of DIAL, the draft W3C standard for device independent authoring, and automatically and intelligently adapts layout, style and content to accommodate different mobile device capabilities, removing the need to manually adjust and adapt content for each mobile device.

“Framework 4.0 enables mobilized businesses to further expand their subscriber base for additional revenue gains,” said Mark Watson, Chief Technology Officer of Volantis. “We will continue to advance Framework to enable our customers to efficiently expand their mobile services.”

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