VoIP Service Efonica Reaches 250,000 Subscribers in Under 45 Days

By | August 1, 2006

Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc. (AMEX:FSN), a global VoIP service provider, today announced that it has added an additional 150,000 subscribers to its new Efonica service in the last two weeks, increasing the number of subscribers to 250,000 in less than 45 days since its launch.

Efonica offers consumers the ability to call each other for free using their existing landline or mobile telephone numbers. Calls can be made to and from any combination of PCs, Internet phones and regular telephones (with a SIP adapter), connected to either a wireless, broadband or dial-up Internet connection. The service was introduced simultaneously with Fusion’s patent-pending Worldwide Internet Area CodeTM, which combined with a subscriber’s existing telephone number, further simplifies the process of making a call. Consumers subscribe to Efonica by visiting www.efonica.com and completing a free and easy registration process.

“The rapid increase in subscribers, well ahead of our most optimistic forecasts, demonstrates the large unmet need for innovative VoIP services such as those provided by Efonica,” said Matthew Rosen, President and CEO of Fusion. “Now that we are building a rapidly growing installed base of customers, we will be concentrating on marketing our value added paid services in order to drive revenue growth.”

The Company believes that the value of Fusion will be enhanced through the development of a worldwide Internet community of subscribers and a high margin revenue stream. Thus far, as evidenced by acquiring more than 250,000 subscribers in less than 45 days, Fusion is achieving significant success in its efforts to establish a worldwide Internet community of users. The Company has commenced efforts to sell fee-based, value added features and services to its existing subscriber base via online and physical distribution channels throughout the world.

Two recently announced paid services are efoOut, which allows members to call any out of network landline or mobile phone; and efoLink, which allows subscribers, from the Efonica website, to schedule and trigger a call between any two landline or mobile phones, an innovative and useful service for people on the go, particularly business travelers.

“Now that Efonica has experienced a very rapid adoption rate, we are concentrating on enhancing the customer experience and further developing our suite of innovative paid service offerings. We are also focusing on implementing marketing strategies to encourage our existing free subscribers to purchase Efonica’s paid services and expanding our online and physical distribution partnerships worldwide to help drive the sale of our paid service offerings,” added Roger Karam, President of Fusion’s VoIP Division.

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