VoIP Security for SIP Softphone

By | May 24, 2006

CounterPath has announced that Covergence has certified CounterPath´s eyeBeam 1.5 Video SIP softphone application for use with its Eclipse SIP security and management solution. With this announcement, CounterPath and Covergence can now offer customers bullet-proof VoIP security that prevents any unauthorized access to the user´s call and protects the service provider from attacks intended to disrupt or disable their service.

As VoIP continues its penetration into the marketplace, concerns around VoIP security continue to present a major hurdle for organizations seeking to take advantage of the promised benefits of VoIP technology, including cost savings, improved service levels and enhanced productivity.

In order to provide customers with a “bullet-proof” VoIP security solution, Covergence has tested the ability to communicate between the CounterPath eyeBeam 1.5 Video SIP softphone and Eclipse SIP Session Manager using the IETF standards; Transport Layer Security (TLS) for signaling information and its counterpart the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for voice and video traffic.

By using Eclipse, with its unique and purpose-built architecture dedicated to scaling, securing and controlling SIP, service providers give their customers the security and reliability they expect. When used with the eyeBeam softphone, they are providing their users with the rich multi-modal communications (voice, video, text) experience they demand.

“By certifying our SIP softphones with Eclipse, we are adding additional security and management capabilities that will only serve to better the end user´s experience as companies like CounterPath and Eclipse work together to provide innovative SIP based applications to the market.”

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