VoIP Security: Potential Threats and Best Practices

By | September 22, 2005

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is reaching critical mass. With most major telecommunications carriers currently in the process of readying VoIP services for mass deployment, it’s clear that IP telephony is finally headed for prime time.

However, the promise of mass VoIP consumption also increases the risk for widespread security violations, spawning a new sense of urgency to develop secure VoIP solutions now before hackers wreak havoc on corporate voice networks.

Until now, VoIP security hasn’t been a particularly significant subject, since most IP deployments were small in scale and relatively contained. But as VoIP usage becomes widespread, enterprise users will become subject to many of the same security risks that have affected data networks.

This report will strive to highlight some of the potential security problems associated with VoIP and address what measures can be taken to secure enterprise VoIP deployments.

Read the full paper in PDF here

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