VoIP Pushes Security Market

By | September 7, 2005

Businesses deployed Voice over Internet Protocol to enhance business telecom systems, facing difficult security challenges and are planning to replace their current security appliance within the next year. As a result, the security appliance market is poised to strong growth over the next few years.

These new findings were published by In-Stat , a high-tech market research firm, in its latest report dealing with the impact of VoIP on security appliances.

Key findings of the report include: small-medium-sized businesses show high concerns about VoIP security; companies implemented VoIP solutions have higher budget for new security appliances and reliability is the playing role for the purchase of new security products.

“Traditional firewall technologies can complicate several aspects of VoIP, most notably dynamic port trafficking and Network Address Translation (NAT) transversal,” says Victoria Fodale, In-Stat analyst.

“Security product vendors are adding functions that address voice applications in their products, but, as history has shown, security typically lags behind advances in technology.”

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