VMware Adds Virtual Lab Automation, Configuration Management and Self-Service Provisioning to its Portfolio

By | June 19, 2006

VMware, the global leader in virtual infrastructure software for industry-standard systems, today announced the addition of virtual lab automation, configuration management and self-service provisioning to its software lifecycle management solutions that span development, quality assurance, pre-production and production environments.

“As customers standardise on VMware virtual infrastructure, they are seeing a huge opportunity to leverage VMware´s virtualisation platform to enable a clean hardware and configuration-independent way to move from development to test to staging to production and streamline the constant iteration and cycling back through those stages,” said Dan Chu, senior director of developer products at VMware.

Chu continued: “Customers have been using VMware Workstation as their power development tool for more than seven years, and they´ve brought in VMware virtual infrastructure for their development, test and production server environments, covering their overall end-to-end software lifecycle leveraging virtualisation. Now VMware is building out full software lifecycle solutions that enable virtual machine libraries, virtual lab automation, configuration capture and management and policy-based self-service access to virtual machines.”

VMware virtual infrastructure is used broadly to run multiple environments concurrently for development and testing, to set-up and tear down environments easily, to optimally harness resources and software environments across teams and projects and to leverage the same virtualised environment from development to QA to staging to production.

VMware plans to incorporate technology obtained in connection with its acquisition this week of Akimbi Systems, Inc. into its software lifecycle solutions to enable users to automate the set-up, capture and teardown of complex, multi-machine software configurations on a shared centralized pool of virtual resources and to rapidly configure those resources, on demand, through an intuitive self-service interface. By doing so, VMware intends to enable developer, quality assurance and IT organizations to shave months off of software development projects, reduce development and test equipment costs and dramatically increase the quality of delivered software systems.

“VMware software is a core part of our software lifecycle infrastructure, spanning development, test and production environments,” said Stewart Hubbard, director of server engineering at Coldwater Creek, a national retailer of women´s apparel, jewellery, accessories and gifts. “Akimbi technology, leveraging VMware virtual infrastructure, plays an important role in our application development organisation by making a shared pool of instantly-configurable virtual resources available to application development teams, resulting in reduced capital costs, an accelerated application lifecycle process and increased quality of our delivered software systems.”

VMware´s virtual lab automation, configuration management and self-service provisioning solution is expected to be available as a beta release in the third quarter of this year.

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