Vista, security and viruses

By | January 26, 2007

Anti-virus software vendor Kaspersky Lab, has published an article about Windows Vista and security, in which it provides an analysis of various aspects of IT security with specific reference to Windows Vista.

“Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows Vista, is positioned as a system with enhanced security. The official release date is scheduled for 30th January 2007. However, questions as to how realistic the claims of enhanced security are were being raised by the computing community long before a beta version was made available for download. What exactly are the functions which are designed to offer the user security? And how effective will they really be? Is it true that once Vista is released an antivirus won’t be necessary?”

The article contains detailed analysis of Windows Vista components that are intended to ensure security including: user account control, PatchGuard – Vista’s kernel protection and the new security features of Internet Explorer 7.

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