Vernier Networks and Cavium Networks Partner to Deliver Revolutionary System Architecture for Fast-growing Network Access Management Market

By | February 13, 2006

Cavium Networks, a world leader in security, network services and embedded processor solutions, today announced a partnership with Vernier Networks, a leading provider of adaptive enterprise network security solutions which has resulted in a highly innovative system architecture to address the rapidly growing network access management market. This architecture utilizes Vernier´s proven, network-deployed EdgeWall Software with Cavium Networks market-leading line of OCTEON Multi-core MIPS64 Network Services Processors to extend the Vernier product line with cost-effective, high-performance solutions that can deliver on the most demanding customer requirements.

Traditional architectures for networking and security products use ASIC-based designs that result in limited and inflexible feature-sets with prohibitively high development cost. Vernier will leverage OCTEON´s sixteen, 64-bit CPUs, extensive packet processing, L3-L7 security acceleration hardware and the industry standard Linux based programming model to deliver the richest set of LAN access and security services necessary to meet the needs of emerging enterprise infrastructures.

Requirements for Enterprise Network Access and Security

Eliminating the need for endpoint software, Vernier´s EdgeWall defends against intrusions and attacks from endpoints by screening users and devices for desktop policy compliance, restricting access to network resources, inspecting network and application traffic for worms and viruses, and enforcing remediation on infected and out-of-compliance devices. Unlike disjointed point solutions that require the cumbersome integration of desktop agents, switches and routers, and policy and authentication servers, Vernier´s EdgeWall offers network-based security that employs coordinated countermeasures to protect the network from threats and intrusions at every point of access — wired, wireless or remote.

“Vernier Networks continues to gain tremendous customer acceptance for our EdgeWall products by being first to provide an agent-less network access management product that significantly reduces the risk of security threats and intrusions from external devices and limits access to sensitive assets,” said Simon Khalaf, President and CEO of Vernier Networks. “To maintain our leadership position in delivering the best combination of features, performance and time-to-market, we evaluated a variety of different architectures and vendors for our next generation products. Vernier selected Cavium and the OCTEON multi-core MIPS processor as our platform processor for extending our current product lines because of its ease of programming, best-of-class integrated hardware acceleration, excellent performance and lower overall cost. This was simply not possible with alternative design approaches.”

Leveraging Strong Software & Processor Competence with Twice the R&D Investment

Utilizing Cavium Networks OCTEON processors for this system architecture allowed Vernier to leverage Cavium´s world-class engineering team focused on intelligent networking/communication processors and leading-edge application acceleration. It also allowed Vernier to leverage an investment of tens of millions of dollars in OCTEON silicon and software tools, which cannot be matched by ASIC-based design teams. Moreover, it allows Vernier to focus its R&D investment in system and software design to increase its lead with a richer set of features and a faster time to market.

“Cavium Networks is focused on delivering the highest performance and most scalable line of multi-core MIPS64 processors, with the most advanced application acceleration targeted at next generation networking equipment,” said Syed Ali, President and CEO of Cavium Networks. “The system architecture developed in partnership with Vernier is a showcase of the market-leading capabilities of the 16-core OCTEON processor and its ability to host standard C-based applications to address the fast-moving requirements of internal network security. This architecture will scale in performance and features in a fully compatible manner with future products in our OCTEON roadmap.”

Cavium Networks´ OCTEON MIPS64 based processor family consists of 1 to 16 MIPS64 based cores optimized for networking and low-power, with application performance ranging from 100Mbps to over 10Gbps. The OCTEON processor family provides networking vendors a single chip with integrated Ethernet and/or SPI4.2 networking interfaces, up to 144bit DRAM DDR-2 memory controller, optional RLDRAM2/DDR-2 memory controller, optional TCAM connectivity and integrated hardware acceleration for packet processing, QoS, TCP, Security, Compression / decompression and Pattern matching.

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