Verizon Rolls Out E-mail Security Software

By | December 7, 2005

Verizon today will unveil a new security product for small businesses, completing its Internet access and security product portfolios. The new product encrypts e-mail messages and help to protect the privacy of their content over the internet.

According to market research, over 80 percent of business managers who send e-mail over the internet put customer data into risk of interception. In addition, industry legislations require businesses to maintain the privacy and integrity of personal and financial information.

“Any business that sends or receives e-mail containing confidential information needs to take steps to protect its proprietary information,” said David Rodriguez, director of product management at Verizon.

Verizon service allows users to protect their sensitive data in one click. After installation of the plug-in, the user just click on the “Secure” button and the email is immediately encrypted, digitally signed and sent. The recipient must be a registered user or answer a section a secret question known to the sender and recipient.

“We believe Verizon Secure Mail is an invaluable service for businesses in all industries to help them keep sensitive information private. Verizon Secure Mail is simple to use and very economical,” said Rodriguez.

Verizon Secure Mail meets the trusted encryption standards that allow e-mails to be sent securely.

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