VeriFone Vx 670 Achieves PCI Security Approval

By | May 22, 2006

VeriFone Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PAY) today announced worldwide availability of the PCI-approved VeriFone Vx 670. The Vx 670 portable payment system meets the Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements established by Visa International and MasterCard International to ensure that PIN-based payment transactions meet the highest level of security.

Weighing less than one pound with built-in thermal printer, the Vx 670 is the industry’s smallest all-in-one integrated payment solution. The payment system accommodates consumer PIN debit entry and is highly suited for the growing pay at the table application and virtually any mobile point of service use for restaurant, hospitality, delivery and transportation operations. The Vx 670 is a complete “PAY Anywhere” card payment acceptance solution that is both merchant- and consumer-friendly and can be configured for use at any point of service, including at the table (TablePAY), at the consumer’s car door (CarsidePAY) and for home delivery (DeliveryPAY).

“The Vx 670 complies with the industry’s most stringent standards for security protections to guard against fraud and misuse and offers innovative ergonomics, exceptional performance and functionality,” said Paul Rasori, VeriFone vice president of product marketing. “The Vx 670 features a breakthrough design that was purpose-built for the needs of the hospitality industry and others who need to bring payment acceptance to the consumer,”

The Vx 670 is the first system developed with VeriFone´s patent-pending MAXui design and provides a stunning high-resolution, white backlit display, features large blue backlit keys and incorporates an integrated printer, communications module and rechargeable battery. It can be configured with Wi-Fi for TablePAY and CarsidePAY or with GPRS cellular for DeliveryPAY.

Mobile, Always-On Connectivity

The Vx 670 utilizes higher-speed 802.11g Wi-Fi for mobile, always-on connectivity, particular suited to TablePAY and CarsidePAY use, with transactions often taking less than a second to complete, compared to 12-14 seconds or more for dial transactions. The Vx 670 also offers WPA-level encryption security, the benchmark for enterprise wide Wi-Fi security. A GPRS communications option supports DeliveryPAY for mobile services of all types.

The Vx 670 is available with a base station that includes an easy to use charger for high-volume environments requiring a central location for sharing systems and accommodates a spare battery to ensure uninterrupted operation. The system can be equipped with an easily removable, standard 1200 lithium ion (Li-ion) or optional extended life 1800 Li-ion battery for quick swapping. It will also support USB and dial-up modem modules for the ultimate deployment flexibility.

A tapered design and ergonomically balanced midpoint help the Vx 670 fit comfortably in even the smallest hands, and the rugged, drop-resistant, spill-resistant case holds up to the most demanding conditions and can slip into a convenient holster. The hidden integrated thermal printer with its dual-tear bar quickly produces receipts, is whisper-quiet and simple to reload.

Security was a paramount design parameter for the Vx 670, which meets all current requirements for PCI-PED devices. It utilizes WPA-PSK (pre-shared keys) to protect Wi-Fi transactions. Also, VeriFone´s VeriShield architecture prohibits rogue applications from being loaded onto the Vx 670. A powerful 32-bit ARM9 processor provides the Vx 670 with computing horsepower to rapidly process secure transactions and run multiple value-added applications.

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