UserLock: Manage Networks Access Control

By | May 25, 2007

UserLock is a Windows network security utility that secures access to networks by restricting simultaneous sessions, by limiting user access to network resources and by providing network administrators with remote control and session analysis.

Installation is straightforward and requires Windows servers only. After installation, the UserLock configuration wizard will guide you through the required settings. At the end of the wizard the service is automatically started.

UserLock is an agent-based security product, thus requires the deployment of UserLock agent to a selection of workstations. The installation of agents is done from the administrative console and requires no physical access to workstations.

UserLock is managed from a single administrative console. The console window is split into two panes, with the left one showing an Explorer-like tree of options to configure and monitor. Using the managing console, network administrators can restrict simultaneous sessions per user or group, limit workstations access to network resources and real-time monitoring of user sessions.

UserLock is developed by isDecisions and price starts at 2 € per unit.

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