US takes interest in DDoS attacks

By | April 3, 2006

Senior levels of the US government are taking an interest in recent distributed denial-of-service attacks against the internet´s domain name system, according to a person familiar with the situation. In recent months, there have been large-scale and ongoing attacks against several DNS infrastructure providers, using a newly discovered method that enables the bad guys to greatly amplify the amount of attack traffic they can throw at their targets.

According to Rodney Joffe, chief technology officer of UltraDNS Corp, this is causing concern from some government officials that these attacks could be used by a certain class of bad guy – the class that has no interest in the continued operation of the internet.

Joffe was due to give a briefing on the topic to a meeting of the Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers in Wellington, New Zealand recently, but was called back to Washington DC at the last minute to brief US officials, apparently including at least one “cabinet level” official.Read Full Story

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