US LEC Launches E-mail Defense

By | January 24, 2006

US LEC has announced the availability of E-mail Defense, a comprehensive anti-virus and anti-spam service designed to catch malicious and wasteful e-mail before it reaches a business´s servers.

E-mail Defense applies the latest anti-virus and anti-spam techniques, and takes security and reliability a step further by scanning and filtering malicious files before they can enter a corporate network, improving a business´s existing network performance with more available bandwidth and server capacity.

The solution offers several benefits that reduce time, resource demands and costs. First, the service is maintained completely by US LEC, eliminating the need for customers to update virus definitions. Second, the service generates useful reports that allow users to monitor malicious traffic; review, release or delete suspect e-mail; and build customized block and allow lists. Finally, the service does works on any e-mail service or platform.

“E-mail Defense helps stop dangerous traffic before it can enter the customer´s network, allowing customers to stay focused on business objectives and less on unnecessary bandwidth consumption and network security threats,” said Jeff Blackey, senior vice president of marketing and business development for US LEC.

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