Ultra-fast 10 Gbps ‘London Data ring centre’ provides new opportunity for ISPs and enterprises

By | February 14, 2006

A new ultra high-speed fibre-optic ring interconnecting 10 leading commercial data centres in London is set to transform the availability, speed and cost of connectivity for ISPs and enterprises. This milestone in connectivity has been established by Datahop Ltd.

Datahop´s 10 Gigabits/second ring network creates an ultra high-speed link that can be used for data transport between any of 10 of London´s leading commercial data centres. Datahop also scores a UK first by offering direct ´Layer 2 connectivity´ to three Tier-1 carriers.

“Businesses in London have been paying over the odds for poor-quality data transport and internet connectivity for too long. Datahop´s dedicated interconnects to Tier-1 carriers provide access to the most reliable and cost-effective global network connectivity available in London.” says Datahop founder and MD Chris Orme. “It is the first commercial network in London to offer such ultra high-speed connectivity between all these data centres – with two 10 Gigabit fibre links into each site. We also believe our tariff, with its low flat rate fees, establishes a new standard in the UK´s data transport market. We are proud to be able to make such improvements to the internet backbone in London.”

“Datahop´s new 10 Gigabit data centre ring network is a welcome addition to the capital´s IT infrastructure. It creates the potential for us to build many more direct sessions between our core routers and end users in 10 of the leading commercial data centres. Datahop is clearly widening access to global backbone connectivity for companies,” says Daniel Masih, Manager, Business Development, NTT Europe Ltd.

Datahop offers a simple, highly affordable tariff enabling businesses to reduce costs and – via Tier-1 connectivity – improve the reliability and speed of their services. Fixed pricing saves businesses the time and inconvenience previously required in negotiating connectivity agreements with multiple suppliers.

For high bandwidth users, Datahop´s Layer 2 IP transit tariff to Tier-1 carriers is just Ј14 per Megabit/second of bandwidth. Additionally, companies can establish interlinks between any of the 10 data centres from only Ј75 per month per location, with free installation and cabling. This gives the capital´s businesses a highly affordable way of implementing high-speed multi-site networks, not only for expansion but for purposes such as disaster recovery – an ever more important concern with the threats facing Britain´s capital.

The Datahop ring currently links 10 data centres, with two 10 Gigabit feeds into each. These are: Telehouse Europe´s North, East and Metro sites, City Lifeline, Global Switch 1, Interxion, Telecity Harbour Exchange and Redbus Interhouse´s Sovereign House, Meridian Gate and Harbour Exchange sites. Fast Ethernet ports, and a choice of optical fibre or copper Gigabit ports, are available at every site.

“The Datahop network will be beneficial for enterprises based in the Docklands area. Providing alternative and affordable super-fast connection options from Docklands to City Lifeline´s co-location facility will allow enterprises to grow their operations and overcome the challenges they face from the current severe shortage of co-location space in Docklands. Similarly, businesses in the City benefit both from cost effective co-location space and from the increased choice in high-speed affordable Tier-1 connectivity that Datahop brings,” says Roger Keenan, Managing Director of data centre City Lifeline Ltd.

Datahop is supported by a team with over 30 years of experience in ISP, computing and data centre operations. The Datahop network has been designed from the ground up to ensure the highest possible integrity for users. Datahop´s network consists of an optical ring capable of operating at 10 Gigabits per second and runs an advanced protection system ensuring that service is unaffected by a fibre break at any point. All of the data centre installations are designed for high reliability with separated fibre routes in to and out of data centres, redundant power supplies and the support of a 24/7 network monitoring operation.

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