UK’s Leading Recruitment Group Places Multi Million Ђ Next Generation Network Deal

By | February 22, 2006

Sirocom, the UK’s fastest growing VNO, today unveiled another significant ‘Converged VNO’ contract with the announcement of a Ђ17 million, 3 year deal with Reed Managed Services. In a landmark announcement, the Reed family of companies are set to achieve savings in excess of Ђ5 million over the life of the service. Reed, best known for its high street recruitment operation – Reed Employment, with over 300 branches, also operates the UK’s largest on-line job site,, which features over 250,000 ‘live’ jobs online at any time.

The service will support the converged voice and data needs of over 3000 IT users across 300 locations in the UK and Ireland, and will contribute to the Company’s strategic aim of reducing IT spend by 20% over the next 2 years. The service is key to the delivery of performance and productivity enhancing applications such as thin client and IP telephony. In addition, the managed service is a key driver in reducing complexity within Reed’s IT infrastructure as the Company adapts to the diverse, but real-time dynamics of the fast-moving recruitment and human resources sector.

“No one carrier could meet our needs of building a Next Generation Network,” said Sean Whetstone, Head of IT Services at Reed. “Disruptive technologies like broadband have become business grade and served as a catalyst for other cost saving and productivity enhancing applications like thin client. Finally, VoIP has come off ‘power point’ and become more compelling. To meet our needs we needed a blend of different services, flexibility – commercially and technically to migrate, and service guarantees that no one traditional carrier could underwrite; we quickly concluded that the VNO model could best satisfy our needs.” Said Whetstone.

“As one of only two UK based VNO’s, Sirocom not only provided a single point of contact for the different service provision, and the economies of scale in terms of buying power, but significantly, had the only realistic migration path to convergence for our thin client and VoIP plans and didn’t try to sell us ‘vanilla’. To this end they’ve already illustrated their flexibility and innovation at point of service delivery by accelerating network deployment. And by offering us QoDSL for our high priority traffic like VoIP they are able to provide different classes of service for different applications.” Added Whetstone.

Simon Rogan, CEO at Sirocom commented. “Business agility is by far the most important asset an enterprise can own. Being tied to one service provider over a fixed term or a technology solution sweated over a write down period is directly at odds with the building of business agility and fast becoming outdated. Today’s enterprise wants the flexibility to change and freedom of choice, and that’s exactly the vision Reed has bought into with the VNO proposition.”

“As a pure play VNO, we own no assets, nor do we have forward commit contracts to our service provider partners; this allows us the opportunity to provide Reed with a realistic migration strategy to complete convergence without the fear of being technology dead-ended, or stifled because of a lack of service innovation. This is the power of the VNO model, it allows our customers to make significant savings, reduce cost of ownership and complexity whilst quickly taking advantage of technology advances – in short we’re helping companies build business agility.” Enthused Rogan.

Reed Employment is one of a growing number of blue chip organisations buying into Sirocom’s ‘Voice with Vision’ strategy. This strategy takes customers through a migration to true convergence in a realistic and manageable programme that offers initial cost savings through ‘Spend Converge’, further cost and operational savings through ‘VoIP Blend’, and eventual full convergence with ‘IP Central’ – a completely hosted, converged solution.

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