UK Tops Bot-Infected Computers List

By | September 19, 2005

The latest publication of Internet Security Threats report reveals that the UK has grabbed the highest number of bot-infected computers in the world. More than third of bot-infected computers worldwide are located in Britain – substantially up on last year´s 26 per cent.

The biennial report, published by security vendor Symantec, shows that the rapid growth of broadband and wireless connection has a great factor in the growth of infected computers in the UK. Symantec recommended that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should implement security solutions to protect their customers.

Bots are Internet computers that the attack can use them remotely. Bots are usually used by computer hackers to hide their identity when launching a distributed denial-of-service attacks, sending spam or phishing scams.

“Bot networks are valuable for a couple of reasons: One, because they allow for extremely rapid propagation, and two, because they provide a relatively high level of anonymity for providing attacks,” said Dean Turner, senior manager of the Symantec Security Response team.

U.S and China grabbed the second and the third place with 21 and 7 per cent, respectively.

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