UK SMBs are unprotected from spam and phishing

By | April 18, 2005

Email users and small-medium businesses (SMB) are woefully unprotected from spam, phishing attacks and key loggers and considered to be the biggest security threat to big businesses, according to a research published today by Checkbridge.

Checkbridge, the email filtering managed service provider, published today the results of a survey, targeted at 10,000 UK SMBs. The research indicates that 57% of users and SMBs have no anti-spam filtering protection, 50% use the PC poses a threat to the business data that is housed on the PC, Some 24% of people receive 50 or more spam email a day and that 77% rely on their ISP for protection.

“It is in the banks’ and retailers’ interests to get consumer protection right – whether it is by approaching government, endorsing those ISPs that offer sufficient protection or by paying for secure telecommunications infrastructure for their client base,” said John Turley, managing director, Checkbridge.

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