UK IT Directors unaware of offshore alternatives

By | November 30, 2004

A research released today reveals major pitfalls in Gartner’s prediction that almost 30 percent of Europeans businesses will include an offshore factor in their IT plans for next year and that 25 percent of IT jobs will move offshore by 2010.

The research revealed that 67 percent of UK IT Directors are ignorant of any alternative solutions to offshoring and a more surprising fact that 76 percent of IT Directors never heard of Model Driven Architecture (MDA), a model that can provide a less risky and more cost-effective solution – promising savings in excess of 40 percent in comparison to the 30-35 percent that might be achieved through offshoring projects.

“There is an obvious lack of awareness amongst the IT community of MDA. Cost of change is now the central constraint for CIOs and a key contributor to business success. The UK represents 35 percent of the total European outsourcing market and it’s apparent that competent managers seeking to control costs are turning to it as their only perceived solution.” said Erich Gerber, CEO of Interactive Objects, on of the leading MDA solution providers.

“Unbeknownst to them, MDA is a vital and highly cost-effective tool allowing IT departments to build a foundation on which to manage inevitable technological change and create a dynamic link between business and IT.” Gerber added.

The research was conducted by Vanson Bourne with a sample size of 100 CIOs in commercial companies employing more than 1000 employees in the UK.

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