UK Businesses Suffer from Email Failures

By | May 19, 2005

Email failure is costing UK businesses more that 1bn a year and impacting on reputation and profits, according to a research publisher this week. Further more, e-mail failure is likely to grow due to increase dependency of marketer on e-mails as a preferred communication form.

The research commissioned by CipherTrust questioned IT and marketing directors in companies with 200+ employees and showed e-mail is the preferred used form of communication. The research has also highlighted that an average company also suffers four e-mail failures per year, where email per incident is down for more than half a working day.

“An e-failure raises doubts in the mind of the customer about the fundamental capability of the organization. If the company can´t keep a communication system such as email up and running, how are they going to handle my business? And the irony is that because it is your biggest customers that tend to communicate with your company most, it is the biggest customers that will often first notice the problem and become unsettled the fastest,” said business insight specialist Stephen Martin of Market Clarity.

Research findings show that virus attacks are cited as the most common external cause of e-mail failure.

“The encouraging news from this research is that IT Directors are aware of the business importance of email and the economic impact of e-failure to their business,” said David Stanley, VP and MD EMEA, CipherTrust.

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