TynTec Debts Secure SMS For Financial Sector

By | August 17, 2006

TynTec has announced the launch of a new solution to guarantee secure, scalable and reliable SMS delivery for the financial services sector. The new Banking Grade SMS solution uses TynTec´s unique technology infrastructure to enable banks to send customers´ information via SMS reliably, quickly and securely.

The deployment of SMS in the financial services industry has been hampered by the limitations of the technology. ´Ordinary´ SMS as provided by general purpose SMS resellers or operators can often be delayed or even lost en route to the customer – an unacceptable level of unreliability in a critical area such as personal financial information.

TynTec´s ability to handle massive amounts of SMS traffic whilst still guaranteeing timely delivery promotes SMS to a banking grade tool for the first time, opening up a range of new consumer interface opportunities for banks as well as potential new revenue sources. Whether providing personal financial information via SMS or time-sensitive PINs or TANs for authorisation purposes, TynTec´s ability to reach directly the customer´s personal device within seconds makes it a hugely powerful interaction channel.

TynTec is able to offer financial institutions adherence to strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on high-volume SMS delivery through its deep-level (SS7) access to the global telecoms infrastructure and its proprietary SMS Centre. The solution can also quickly and seamlessly integrate with a range of diverse back-end systems such as CRM and ERP, meaning that it can work alongside bank´s existing systems with minimal integration hassle. The Banking Grade SMS Solution guarantees complete security for each message from start to finish through a direct VPN connection to the data centre and it also tracks all messages to ensure a comprehensive audit trail of communications.

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