Turn Off WiFi and Bluetooth When Not In Use

By | October 23, 2006

Metasploit is working on a module to transition kernel mode exploits into user mode. This is, say, exactly what you’d need to plug in a wireless driver hack on one side, and use that to create a reverse shell under root on the other. Sound familiar? This was one of the tricks Maynor demonstrated in the Black Hat wireless video (and why he didn’t need root).

For those of you that don’t know, Metasploit is the best thing to hit penetration testing since sliced bread. To oversimplify, it’s a framework for connecting vulnerability exploits to payloads. Before Metasploit it was a real pain to convert a new vulnerability into an actual exploit.

You had to figure out how to trigger the vulnerability, figure out what you could actually do once you took advantage of the vulnerability, and inject the right code into the remote system to actually do something. It was all custom programming, so script kiddies had to sit idly by until someone who actually knew how to program made a tool for them.Read Full Story

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