Trojan horse causes mobile phone crash

By | April 7, 2005

A new Trojan horse that causes smart-phones to crash was reported by the security software maker F-Secure on Wednesday.

The Trojan horse, Fontal.A, attacks Nokia 60 Series running the Symbian operating system and makes the phones useless until they are reformatted.

Fontal.A tries to install a corrupted file, called “Kill Saddam By OID500.sis,” into the infected device, causing it to fail at the next reboot, according to F-Secure advisory. If the phone is rebooted, it will try to boot, but does not succeed. After that the phone is unusable.

To avoid Fontal.A, F-Secure suggest that user should download files only from trusted sources, as far as the only way to disinfect the phone is to reformat the phone.

While this is further evidence of a growing concentration of attention on the mobile phone by virus writers there is little sign of any infection in wild.

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