Tripwire Announces Increased Breadth and Reconciliation Improves Change Policy Enforcement, Increasing Compliance, Security and IT Service Quality

By | May 30, 2006

Tripwire, Inc.(R), the world leader in change auditing software, today announced it has expanded the breadth of IT service stack coverage of its flagship product, Tripwire Enterprise. Now auditing changes made to Oracle database structures, Tripwire Enterprise is the only change auditing solution to comprehensively detect, reconcile and report changes made across the IT service stack. Tripwire Enterprise´s enhanced breadth and reconciliation enables better change governance and more automation to expose unauthorized changes faster, resulting in increased compliance, security and IT service quality.

With Oracle databases supporting mission-critical applications that run finance, human resources, customer communication, and the supply chain, corporate performance is dependent upon their reliability and security. Said Jim Johnson, Tripwire CEO, “Because a single unauthorized change to the underlying database structure could cause serious business implications, the ability to understand who is making changes to what database elements is powerful in ensuring data quality, advanced security and IT compliance.”

Advanced Breadth and Independence

Tripwire Enterprise is the only independent change auditing solution that monitors network devices, file systems, middleware, desktops, directory servers, and database structures on a single platform, validating desired change and notifying of undesired change to prove infrastructure integrity and process effectiveness. Independent from the people and tools making changes, Tripwire Enterprise now offers change auditing for Oracle 9i and 10g database structures and Sun One, Active Directory, and Novell eDirectory LDAP servers.

Enhanced Reconciliation & Reporting

Tripwire Enterprise 5.5 expands change reconciliation and reporting, exposing unauthorized changes faster with new methods to automatically accept expected changes. Specifically, Tripwire Enterprise now offers Promote-by-Package, Promote-by-Match, and Promote-by-Reference which are designed to expose unauthorized change faster, allowing change managers to more efficiently accept expected changes. In addition, Tripwire Enterprise has expanded reporting with “drill-down” functionality to more quickly understand change activity.

Tripwire allows IT management to enforce their change policy by quickly reconciling and reporting changes made across the IT service stack. To control change, IT needs a holistic view of change across all its services. Tripwire Enterprise is the only solution to cover a robust and diverse spectrum of the IT environment, providing management with a single control point for auditing changes across their heterogeneous IT infrastructure, providing necessary insight and actionable data.

According to Ed Hill, Managing Director at Protiviti, “Change-related issues are consistently one of the top three IT audit findings. It is imperative that IT address the growing requirement that all change be auditable and all unauthorized change be investigated. Change auditing solutions such as Tripwire Enterprise can streamline this process, enabling IT´s ability to pass audits while simultaneously impacting the quality of their operations.”

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