Trend Micro Mobile Security 3.0

By | November 17, 2006

The expanding growth of converged mobile devices, increase availability of Wi-Fi networks and the faster download speeds are likely to increase the number of threats to these sorts of devices.

Trend Micro Mobile Security 3.0 (TMMS) is a security solution for handled devices. It is encompasses three components: an antivirus, a firewall and a content-filter.

The antivirus tool protects you and applications on your device from inadvertently accessing viruses and other malware. The Card Scan option automatically searches memory cards for viruses when inserting a memory card into your device. Infected files are either encrypted and quarantined or permanently deleted. A built-in auto-update tool is available to ensure that you have the latest protection against mobile viruses.

The firewall component provides and intuitive way to control network traffic. You can control which ports external application can use to connect your device and which ports applications can use to communicate with external systems. In addition, you can filter a traffic based on IP addresses.

Mobile Security firewall has three predefined protection levels allows you to quickly configure your firewall. The default protection level is Medium: outbound traffic is allows; inbound traffic is blocked.

For mobile phone users, TMMS lets you filter spam SMS messages and WAP Push content – method for delivering content to handhelds automatically. Both SMS filter and WAP Push filter are based on approved and blocked filtering lists.


Trend Micro Mobile Security offers a rich and easy to use security solution for mobile devices. Its out-of-the-box configuration works well for both individual and enterprise users. In terms of performance, we didn’t spot any downgrades when performing a full-scan or when working with real-time protection enabled.

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