Track Down Rogue Wireless Access Points

By | March 10, 2006

Of all of the threats faced by your network security, few are as potentially dangerous as the rogue Access Point (AP). A rogue AP is a WiFi Access Point (define) that is set up by an attacker for the purpose of sniffing wireless network traffic in an effort to gain unauthorized access to your network environment.

Ironically, though, this breach in security typically isn´t implemented by a malicious hacker or other malcontent. Instead, it´s usually installed by someone who is simply looking for the same convenience and flexibility at work that they´ve grown accustomed to using on their own home wireless network.

Regrettably, though, many people don´t understand the intricacies involved with wireless networking and end up deploying them without activating the proper security measures needed to ensure secure communications with the office network.

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