Touchpaper ITBM/Service Desk Suite Released with Resource & NetworkManager

By | September 4, 2006

Touchpaper has today announced the latest release of the IT Business Management (ITBM) suite, launched in January this year to support the company’s vision for an ITBM enabled organization where the IT and customer service departments measure themselves against the strategic and operational goals of the business.

The new software release provides expanded IT business management functionality to support business strategies and deliver increased efficiencies across commercial and government organizations globally.

Available immediately through Touchpaper’s direct sales channels and via its international network of Value Added Reseller (VAR) partners, the latest release of the ITBM suite includes the addition of three new modules:

Touchpaper ResourceManager – This module provides organizations with the ability to schedule tasks and manage overall workloads for analysts and teams enabling departments to work more efficiently while avoiding resource clashes and potential Service Level breaches. In addition, Touchpaper ResourceManager provides seamless integration with other vendors’ systems, thereby facilitating use of standard scheduling packages such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise.

Touchpaper PassMe – This module provides analysts with the ability to rapidly reset end user passwords. Alternatively, end users, customers or citizens can reset their own passwords as part of a wider ‘self service’ methodology. Providing a rapid resolution to what is considered to be the most common and repetitive of tasks enables support analysts to focus on resolving more complex issues and so further improve both internal and external customer satisfaction. The market estimates that the use of password reset technology allows organizations to re-deploy 10% of service desk staff, freeing them up for tasks which have more strategic value or a direct impact on the bottom line; reduces the number of password reset calls by 50 percent and lowers the cost of password reset by 20 percent.

Touchpaper NetworkManager – This module provides pro-active, pre-emptive network control and highlights network issues before users become aware of them. Early warnings of potential service ‘outages’ as well as the ability to spot trends such as when network utilization is at its highest ensures that the support function is able to maximize service availability both by preventing service failures and scheduling changes to take place when they will have the minimum impact.

“The Touchpaper ITBM suite is driving the future direction of service management and delivering tangible benefits to customers,“ said Touchpaper senior vice president, Carl Grieves. “Since introducing the new portfolio at the beginning of this year, we have seen a significant amount of interest in both our IT business management approach and our product set. Feedback from both prospects and customers has been hugely positive and corroborates our belief that we are offering innovative software solutions that are helping organizations around the world to add strategic value to their overall business.”

“Plum Creek is committed to the highest standards when it comes to managing our IT services across our organization and Touchpaper’s ServiceDesk has met our standards,” said David T. Wojciechowski, IT Customer Services Manager of Plum Creek Timber Company. “We have recently deployed Touchpaper’s ServiceDesk and are already reaping the benefits, particularly because it has provided us with an ITIL framework in which to deliver IT best practice.”

Recent reviews from industry analysts further support the philosophy and product strategy of Touchpaper:

Butler Group: Technology Audit on Touchpaper’s ITBM Suite, published in March, 2006. Butler Group* says “Touchpaper’s IT Business Management (ITBM) approach distinguishes it from its competitors” and believes Touchpaper’s product comes at a critical time in the market when there is increased pressure on organizations to run IT as a business and to move away from being a pure cost center.

Enterprise Management Associates: Impact Brief entitled “Touchpaper and Mid-market SLM”, published in March, 2006. Enterprise Management Associates** considers Touchpaper’s ITBM suite as one of only a few solutions “breaking the barrier with Web-based products that suit smaller infrastructures and smaller budgets of mid-market companies interested in ITIL and service management.”

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