Top Four Reasons for Email Archiving

By | August 1, 2006

Technologies, such as email archiving, that improve information retention in a way that makes electronic disclosure more efficient and cost effective are critical to being ready for litigation. For example, reducing time of review—the biggest cost in the disclosure process—is a bottom-line benefit of a robust information retention technology. Email archiving can do some of the work for the lawyer upfront—before it’s even needed—such as de-duping and applying date ranges, providing significant savings in legal fees.

Knowledge Management

Email now represents more than 60 percent of all person-to-person communications in European enterprises, according to a report last year by Quocirca. And yet, a recent survey of IT Directors from 100 UK-based companies by Vanson Bourne for Adaptec found that a full 47 percent of IT Directors would not be able to retrieve an email more than three years old. Even in the US, 45 percent of organisations do not have policies or systems in place to prevent users from deleting important email.

This lack of organisation around information retention does not just increase organisational costs; it also negatively impacts the flow of knowledge around the company.

Furthermore, when someone walks out the door and an email mailbox is unused, a lot of knowledge walks out as well. There are caches of knowledge throughout a company that should be preserved as corporate knowledge, regardless of compliance requirements or litigation needs.

Knowledge is the only sustainable source of competitive advantage within a company. Protecting it by retaining email in scalable, searchable archive is critical for any business.

Many IT executives are realising that email archiving pays for itself simply through optimisation of email storage. But other business issues, such as compliance, litigation and knowledge management, are also eased by improved retention and retrieval of email. The business case for email archiving has never been stronger.

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