Top Email Concerns: Corporate Policies and Security

By | May 25, 2005

Theft of trade secrets and valuable intellectual property – including business critical documents stolen by employees who use web-based email to “smuggle” such information out of the company – may be costing British businesses millions a year, according to a recently published report.

A recent report, commissioned by ProofPoint, summarizes the company’s survey of 300 decision makers at large businesses, highlights the fact that businesses that protecting against leaks of proprietary information via email and ensuring compliance with corporate policies are the top email concerns among organizations.

The survey revealed that more than 33 percent of companies had email leak of confidential information, 88 percent of companies said they have acceptable user policies for email, 18 percent report that they have deploy technologies to enforce corporate policies, 25 percent of companies deployed monitoring software for web mail traffic and 70 percent said that they are concerned about web-based email systems and a conduit for the exposure of confidential information.

“Without effective management of corporate and web-based email systems the problem will only increase,” says Gary Steele CEO of Proofpoint, “British PLC is leaking millions of pounds every year due to poor email policy enforcement. Any email leak of proprietary and confidential information, whether accidental or intentional, can be extremely costly. At present, the corporate email system and web-based email systems such as Hotmail are two of the easiest ways for valuable documents to leave the business premises.”

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