Top 5 Security Settings to Audit

By | August 31, 2006

The security of your Windows environment is constantly changing. Whether a computer has just been installed or if it has been running for years, there is a great chance that it does not meet the security standards that you have for computers in your organization.

To discover these incorrect security settings, you typically need to provide an internal or external security audit. When there is just a short amount of time, there are some key security settings that need to be audited for your Windows Active Directory enterprise. Here, we will investigate 5 of the more important security settings that need to be audited to protect your investment at the highest level.

I have chosen these security settings for a few reasons. First, there are standard attacks that are launched on Windows environments which these security settings can help protect against, if configured correctly. Second, at the core of Windows are some security settings that are historically not configured to be secure by default. Without initial and routine checks of these settings, you might still be running one or more of your computers with these insecure default settings. Finally, from experience, these settings are often overlooked and not configured correctly, even on the most “secure” and seasoned networks.Read Full Story

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