Top 10 Signs You Have an Insecure Web App

By | November 12, 2006

Michael Sutton writes: ´I often surf the web and see blatant design errors that make me shake my head. Without even investigating the security of a site, I know without a doubt that the site will be chock full of vulnerabilities. How can I be so sure? I see programming mistakes that illustrate an utter lack of concern for security. They are ugly mistakes that are far too prevalent.´

“If you have any of the issues mentioned below in your own web application, it´s time to sit down with your developers and have a chat. If these mistakes are being made, dig deeper. You may not like what you see, but its better that you uncover the problems than leave them to be discovered by someone else. For each of the signs listed below, take a look at the included examples for public evidence of just how wide spread the problem is.”Read Full Story

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